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The Turtle Nest

Baby Loggerhead

Welcome to The Turtle Nest!  We (the turtles and I) are so glad you are here!  This site was created to spread the word about endangered loggerhead turtles.  The experiences, photos, and information shared on this web site have been obtained through participating in the Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol program.  Please sit back, relax, and "surf" with the turtles!

2017 Turtle Season

July 21, 2017: BAM! 303 nests as of this morning! (We hit the 300 mark yesterday.)

Click here to view a video of one of Kiawah's nests hatching.


The Kiawah Conservancy produced a wonderful short film about Kiawah & "our" turtles. Click here to watch


Please NEVER disturb a turtle nest in ANY way! It is a crime unless you have a licensed permit from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Turtle patrollers are trained & know what to do. Digging or searching through a nest could kill or injure the hatchlings!

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Sea turtles dig the dark...


Did you know?

The Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Caretta Caretta, was designated as the official reptile of the State of South Carolina by the General Assembly on June 1, 1988, by Act No. 588.

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