Sea Turtles versus coyotes on Kiawah Island

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Here is a great article about the coyote problem with our turtles. Please click here to read it.


See more about coyote predation of nests in 2015 by clicking here...

See more about coyote predation of nests in 2014 by clicking here...


During the 2014 season, FIVE nests were COMPLETELY destroyed by coyotes. Several nests were also predated by coyotes, both before AND after they were laid. Apparently the coyotes have figured out how to identify the nests, even AFTER the initial nesting. It's a distressing time for sea turtles on Kiawah. All nests in Zone 3 and in Zone 4 were screened for the remainder of the summer. That did cut down the post-nesting predation from the coyotes a little, but not completely. Sadly there is no way to prevent the coyotes from locating nests BEFORE turtle patrol has a chance to screen them. That is a real problem, and is by far responsible for the largest nest/egg loss.

Over a dozen nests have been badly predated by coyotes, resulting in the loss of HUNDREDS of eggs. Two nests have been totally destroyed. Here is an example of what a nest looks like after a coyote has visited it. This one isn't as badly damaged as some....

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