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Summer 2017
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This loggerhead was first found on Kiawah's beach on April 9, 2004.  It was taken to the South Carolina Aquarium and placed in their rehabilitation program.  After several months of hard work, it recovered enough to be released!  Fantastic news for the turtle AND for us!

So that is how I found myself on Seabrook Island yesterday at 11:00 a.m. with about 60 other excited folks.  We watched as the Aquarium staff unloaded it from the truck, then extracted it from it's protective crate.

They gently lifted the turtle from the crate and carefully carried it down the beach.  It looks happy, doesn't it?

The turtle was placed close to the surf and allowed to crawl into the waves.

You could see how happy the turtle was as you watched it slowly get closer and closer to the ocean. As it entered the waves for the first time in months, it gathered itself and began to swim.

After a few moments, it lifted its head to take a deep breath before swimming to parts unknown. 

Three cheers for the South Carolina Aquarium's rehab program! 

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