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Overall 2001 Kiawah Island Turtle Numbers The 2001 turtle season finished up with 156 nests, compared to 192 nests in 2000.  Kiawah’s beach nesting success in 2001 was 73.47%, and the hatching success was 57.37 %.  This compares to an 89.6% nesting success and a 69% hatching success in 2000.  The nests had an average of 113 eggs each compared to an average of 120 for loggerhead nests. The average incubation time was 58 days, which is normal.  A total of 16,696 eggs were laid, with 9,750 live hatchlings. Yes, that's right!  Almost 10,000 baby loggerheads!  Cool, huh? 

10/30/01 - That's all folks!  All Zone 5 nests have now hatched.  Our grand totals were: 2775 hatched eggs, 437 unhatched eggs, and 118 live baby turtles "escorted" towards the ocean!  Since our season is over, there will be no more Zone 5 updates.  

10/8/01 - There are 2 nests still unhatched, Nest #155 and #156. 

9/26/01 - 13  unhatched nests are still left, while 110 nests have hatched.  8 nests have been destroyed by predators or did not hatch. 

9/15 & 9/16 - More sad turtle days.  We experienced more extremely high tides this weekend, and many of the remaining nests were destroyed.  5 more nests were destroyed for a total this year of 26 lost. 

9/4/01 - 83 nests hatched as of 9/1/01.  

8/20/01 - 48 nests have hatched so far.

8/16/01 - Now we have 156 nests!  

8/11/01 - The mama turtles have apparently finished nesting.  As of today, there will be no further "official" nesting patrols.  Hatching patrols will still be on the lookout for potential crawls though, so we won't miss any new nests. 

7/30/01 - There were actually 23 nests lost to the tides on 7/21.

7/26/01 - We are up to 146 nests!!  

7/22/01 - 21 Loggerhead Nests Lost
On the evening of Saturday, July 21, a new moon high tide washed away 21 nests on the east end of the beach. Luckily the nests on the remainder of the beach were unharmed. 

But the good news is... drum roll please....

Two nests have hatched! As of the 23rd, Nests #3 and #7 have hatched.  

7/19/01 - There are now 137 nests on Kiawah's beach. There are another 23 possible nests as well.  These 23 are places where the nesting patrol saw a crawl, but were unable to locate any eggs.  Whenever there are so many "clues" that a nest exists, yet no eggs are located, the nesting patrol marks the spot with shorter stakes. These are watched by the hatching patrols too.  No nests have hatched to date.

7/11/01 - Now there are 120 nests on Kiawah's beach!!  

7/04/01 - Happy Fourth of July!  The turtles celebrated by going over the century mark - we now have 101 nests on our beach!! 

7/02/01 - Kiawah is now up to 93 nests!  There were 126 nests on this date in 2000, and 135 in 1999.  This is not unusual though, since typically a year where the nest numbers are "high" is followed by a year where they are low.  1999 was an exception to the "high/low" pattern.  It was the largest nesting year ever on Kiawah.

6/27/01 - We have had a nesting explosion!  There are now 82 nests on our beach! 

6/24/01 - There are now 73 nests on Kiawah's beach.

6/18/01 - As of today, there are 58 nests!

6/14/01 - There are now 51 nests on Kiawah's beach compared to 64 on the same date last year.

6/10/01 - As of today, there are 41 nests!

6/2/01 - There are now 23 nests laid on Kiawah's beach. Although the mamas got what seemed to be a late start this year (usually starting on Mother's Day), records indicate that on the same date last year there were 28, so we are not that far behind 2000--a very good year.

5/19/01 - The first two turtle nests on Kiawah were laid. 

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