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7/26/02 - 179 nests on Kiawah's beach as of this morning.  Zone 5 was the happy recipient of two new nests last night!  Don't forget to check out Tales from Zone 5 to keep track of what is happening in our little section of beach.  I was well-rewarded for getting up for turtle patrol this morning.  Sandy & I saw a mother turtle laying her eggs!  Apparently with the full moon she must have thought she still had plenty of darkness left to get on the beach, lay her eggs, and get back into the water.  Fortunately for us, she was mistaken!  Imagine our surprise as we walked the zone, and happened upon her around 6:15 this morning.  We saw a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence - a loggerhead nesting and returning to the ocean.  It sure makes getting up early worthwhile.

7/24/02 - There are now 174 nests on Kiawah's beach.  And finally, a hatch in Zone 5!  Yea!  Don't forget to check out Tales from Zone 5 to keep track of what is happening in our little section of beach.

7/19/02 - There are now 169 nests on the island.  Still no hatches in Zone 5 though.  Soon!

7/12/02 - Kiawah has 150 nests on the beach as of this morning.  And finally a nest has hatched!  The first nest hatched July 10th, so hopefully Zone 5 will see some "action" soon!

7/9/02 - There are now 138 loggerhead nests on Kiawah's beach.

7/5/02 - There are 131 loggerhead nests as of today!  I am also happy to report that there were no nest casualties from last night's fireworks.  Thank goodness!

6/21/02 - As of today, those mama loggerheads have laid 94 nests on Kiawah.

6/15/02 - There are now 82 nests on Kiawah's beach!! 

6/14/02 - Now there are 81 nests on Kiawah's beach!!   Those mamas are really going to town this year!  I have asked to find out how this compares to our best year ever, and will hopefully have that information soon.  Last year on this date there were only 51 nests.  Go mama turtles!

6/10/02 - As of today there are 71 turtle nests on Kiawah's beach.

6/9/02 - I saw loggerhead nests 68 and 69 this afternoon!  I have contacted the Turtle Patrol to find out the exact number to date. 

5/16/01 - There are now 29 loggerhead nests on Kiawah's beach! Those loggerhead ladies got an early start this year, almost a full week earlier than normal (they usually start Mother's Day week-end). Our records indicate that 29 is an all-time record for this early in May.  GO MAMA TURTLES!

5/5/01 - It's official! Those loggerhead ladies have already started laying their nests for the 2002 season. For the past few years Mother's Day weekend has been the date of the first nest, so this is just a little early. We hope that means this will be a banner year for nests. 

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