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Summer 2004

This is the latest news about loggerheads on Kiawah Island.


 9/10/04 - Yesterday the South Carolina Aquarium released a rehabilitated loggerhead.  This turtle was one of ours!  It was found on Kiawah on April 9th of this year.  Click here to see photos.

8/27/04 - 14 nests hatched last week, bringing the total nests hatched to just over 30 thus far. Though Kiawah has only 58 nests this year, four additional nests have hatched!  Three of these are nests that the nesting patrol saw but could not locate the eggs, and one is a completely wild nest.

8/09/04 - Loggerhead nesting season is officially over.  58 nests were laid on Kiawah's beach this year, the lowest number since record-keeping began. L

7/21/04 - Loggerhead hatching season has finally begun on Kiawah! Nest #4 hatched this morning.  This nest is the only hatch of the 53 nests laid to date.

7/19/04 - As of this morning, there are 53 loggerhead nests on our beach.  No nests have hatched yet.  This certainly looks to be an extremely difficult season.

7/14/04 - As of this morning we have forty-eight nests on our beach.  Still adding nests, but far too slowly. This is the lowest number for this time of year since the patrol started keeping records over 25 years ago.

7/10/04 - As of this morning we have forty-five nests on our beach. 

7/2/04 - As of this morning we have thirty-seven nests on Kiawah's beach.  Though we still have no clue why, our nesting numbers are WAY down for the year.  Unfortunately this is true all up and down the coast of South Carolina.

6/28/04 - As of this morning we have thirty-one nests on Kiawah's beach.  The number of nests  is extremely low compared to previous years, but no indication of why.

6/8/04 - As of this morning we have eighteen nests on Kiawah's beach.  The past few days the nesting patrol has found three nests per morning, so perhaps those mamas are starting to catch up!

5/31/04 - As of this morning we have ten nests on our beach.  SCDNR reports that roughly two weeks ago there was a very large number of loggerheads that washed ashore along the Georgia coast.  Between 70 and 80 turtles were found dead.  This is very sad information for turtle lovers everywhere! While no specific reason has yet been determined, there were several factory shrimp boats working outside the 3 mile state limit.  The Coast Guard boarded them but found only minor rule infractions. Did they correct the problem before the boardings or were the deaths caused by something else?  From research done by SCDNR several years ago, approximately 27% of dead turtles returned to the ocean around the three mile limit wash ashore. This means that 80 stranded turtles represents more than 300 dead - a true disaster and maybe even worse since the shrimpers were more than 3 miles out.  These factory ships are moving our way. In addition, shrimp season within South Carolina waters starts within the next two weeks, unless delayed by the state.

5/28/04 - There are now eight nests on Kiawah 's beach.  The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has done a "fly-over" and says that there are lots of mama loggerheads "swarming" off the coast of Kiawah.  Hopefully we will see more nests soon!

5/23/04 - We now have six nests on Kiawah 's beach.  After a late start, it looks like our turtle mamas are "catching up"!

5/20/04 - The 2004 turtle season has begun!  Kiawah's first two nests were found this morning.  Each had 135 eggs.  We should start seeing hatchlings in mid-July.

4/20/04 - The 2004 Kiawah Island Turtle Patrol meeting will be held at the Sandcastle at 7:00 p.m.  All Kiawah turtlers should plan to attend to see the training film from the DNR, hear about this year's guidelines, and pick up a t-shirt.

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