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Summer 2010

This is the latest news about sea turtle nests on Kiawah Island.

August 16th - Kiawah now has 215 loggerhead sea turtle nests on our beach! Go mamas!

August 13th - Kiawah has 213 loggerhead sea turtle nests on our beach as of August 13th. The end of nesting season should be soon.

August 3rd - Kiawah has 206 loggerhead sea turtle nests on our beach as of July August 3rd! That is a terrific number of nests for one season. Excellent news...

July 27th - Kiawah has 198 loggerhead sea turtle nests on our beach as of July 27th! We probably have at least another week remaining in nesting season, so it looks like we will reach 200 nests! Stay tuned...

July 23rd - Kiawah has 190 loggerhead sea turtle nests on our beach as of July 23rd! Given that there are roughly two weeks remaining for nesting season, will we reach 200 nests? Stay tuned...

July 21st - 184 nests! That is just slightly above our number of nests during a normal nesting season. Yea! Nests are hatching all over the beach these days, so if you head out to the beach late at night or early in the morning, be on the lookout for baby turtles.

July 18th - Our nest number is 179 as of July 18th.  That is a nice normal number of nests for an entire season on Kiawah!  Keep your fingers crossed for more nests as we head into the final weeks of nesting season.

July 11th -  There are 158 nests on Kiawah, and the first nest of the season has hatched! YIPPEE! 

July 7th -  There are now 142 nests on Kiawah's beach!

June 29th -  124 nests on Kiawah now! WAHOO!

June 27th -  114 nests on Kiawah...

June 21st -  103 nests on Kiawah as of June 21st! WAHOO!

June 18th -  We are up to 93 nests on Kiawah's beach.  Go mamas go!

June 15th -  84 nests on Kiawah!

June 6th -  There were 55 nests on Kiawah's beach as of this morning.

June 1st -  44 nests on Kiawah! After a slightly later than normal start, the mamas appeared to make up for it over Memorial Day week-end by nesting in droves. WAHOO! Go mama turtles!

May 29th: There were 20 nests on Kiawah's beach as of this morning.

May 26, 2010 - 18 nests on Kiawah as of this morning.

May 15, 2010 - Nesting season begins on Kiawah!  Nest #1 was laid last night. 

May 7, 2010 - Nesting season in South Carolina has arrived!  The first loggerhead nest in SC was laid at Cape Island.  Be on the lookout for mamas on Kiawah!  Nesting patrol begins May 9th. 

April 27, 2010 - The annual training and t-shirt pick-up session was at 6:30 p.m. at the Sandcastle.  Well-dressed turtle patrollers will be wearing rust t-shirts this year. 

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