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Summer 2016

This is the latest news about sea turtle nests on Kiawah Island.

August 27, 2016 -  Nests are hatching all OVER the beach! So far this season there are 335 nests! Surely we are close to the final total! Then again, wild nests have been hatching, so the total could still rise.

August 15, 2016 - Kiawah's beach has 314 nests now. WOW! We should be close to the final total.

August 1, 2016 - There are 304 nests on Kiawah's beach.

July 15, 2016 - Kiawah beach has 261 nests now. WOW! There are probably 2 weeks remaining in nesting season, perhaps three weeks. What will the final total be this year?  The first two nests have hatched!

July 8, 2016 - There are now 234 nests on Kiawah beach.

July 1, 2016 - Kiawah's beach has 198 nests as of this morning. WOW!

June 23, 2016 - There are now 168 nests on Kiawah's beach.

June 20, 2016 - Kiawah's beach has 156 nests as of this morning!  That's 22 nests in just 3 days  - WOW! It was a busy week-end for our turtle mamas, and for our nesting patrol.

June 17, 2016 - There are now 134 nests on Kiawah's beach!  WOW! It has been a VERY busy sea turtle season so far!

June 6, 2016 - Kiawah's beach now has 77 nests!

May 25, 2016 - There are now 29 nests on Kiawah's beach.

May 17, 2015 - Kiawah now has 5 nests on the beach.

May 11, 2015 - The first nest on Kiawah was laid last night! Let the games begin! The first nest was laid on May 15th last year.

May 1, 2016 ~ It is just about that time again! We are gearing up for another sea turtle season on Kiawah. Soon we will all be scurrying about on the beach, checking tracks, marking nests, and protecting sea turtles. Hope to see YOU on the beach!

Please NEVER disturb a turtle nest in ANY way! It is a crime unless you have a licensed permit from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. Turtle patrollers are trained & know what to do. Digging or searching through a nest could kill or injure the hatchlings!

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