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Kiawah Island boasts one of the largest Turtle Patrol volunteer programs in the United States.   The 2010 patrol had 190 volunteers.  The nests on Kiawah have been continuously protected since 1972.  

May 15th through the end of October is turtle season on Kiawah Island.  The volunteers record data about the nests and hatchlings, and this information is reported to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

According to the SCDNR, the hatch rate on the East Coast without human intervention ranges from one to three percent.  The hatch rate with weekend human intervention is five to seven percent.  In 1997, the Town of Kiawah Island hatch rate was nearly 70 percent thanks to the daily human intervention of the Loggerhead Turtle Nesting Program.

There are two turtle patrols on Kiawah Island: Nesting and Hatching

If you are interested in viewing some Turtle Patrol Reports, click here.


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